Print shipping labels from Linnworks - Shipmate

Print shipping labels from Linnworks

Parcel Labels in Linnworks

Generate shipping labels in Linnworks for many major UK national carriers.

Linnworks Delivery Tracking

Keep track of all your parcel deliveries right inside Linnworks.

Simple Shipping Integration

Integrate Linnworks with multiple couriers quickly and easily.

Print Shipping Labels and Track Deliveries in Linnworks

Print Shipping Labels and Track Deliveries in Linnworks

Shipmate allows you to request and print Shipping Labels quickly and easily, directly from Linnworks. As Shipmate is a multi-carrier platform and API, it is one integration point for many carriers and couriers. Track your deliveries as part of a unified tracking solution to keep informed of progress in transit and be notified of any failed or delayed deliveries.

Shipmate is already integrated with many carriers, eliminating the need for time investment and technical headache. If you are looking to quickly integrate Linnworks with one or more couriers then Shipmate is the perfect solution.

Shipmate integrates with Linnworks and many other online sales platforms. You can import order data and select the correct shipping label and service automatically using sophisticated routing rules.

Print Shipping Labels in Linnworks

Print Shipping Labels in Linnworks

Shipmate takes the hassle out of linking your systems with multiple UK carriers while providing a suite of useful functionality to help provide the best possible service to your customers.

Our tried and tested integration with Linnworks means that Shipmate can remove the need for lengthy, intrusive and costly upgrades to your online sales systems, whilst giving you and your customers the most cost effective delivery service for every parcel, every time.

Print all your parcel labels using just one printer and consolidate label generation and tracking information into one easy-to-use place - Shipmate is your smart delivery companion.

Route your Parcels Intelligently

Route your Parcels Intelligently

Do you use different carriers for different parcels? You can configure Shipmate to automatically select the appropriate carrier and delivery service for each parcel against a set of predetermined criteria.

Choose from standard criteria such as weight and dimensions, or add your own such as department, product category or product code. Whenever you book a delivery, Shipmate will check each attribute of your parcel and select the most suitable service automatically and output your label.

Track your Deliveries in Linnworks

Track your Deliveries in Linnworks

With Shipmate, delivery tracking starts working for you to help you provide a better customer service. We believe that the best customer service is proactive and Shipmate helps you provide a proactive service by bringing your attention to potentially troublesome deliveries automatically.

If a delivery is taking longer than expected, or a delivery has failed, you will know about it as soon as possible in our Delivery Warnings Centre. Easily click through to view customer details to let them know what is happening with their delivery and to expect a delay.

We interrogate tracking events to monitor carrier performance against your agreed Service Level Agreements, so you are always informed as to the true performance of the carriers and services you use.

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What our customers are saying about Shipmate.

"Shipmate has saved us huge amounts of time, reduced human error and manual mistakes. Quick parcel label generation and printing has freed up staff time, improved morale and allowed my team to focus on higher value tasks. Improved parcel tracking and notifications has led to a much better customer experience."

Michael Broom - Operations Manager, Roseland Furniture

"Before Shipmate, we had never experienced such a fast and successful IT installation - printing delivery labels is faster and easier than before and if we have any problems, Shipmate's technical support team are quick to resolve them."

David Horslen - Head of IT, Discount Supplements Ltd

"Having used Shipmate for the past two years, the flexibility and great support has been pinnacle to help us define our multi-channel offering to our customers so we have now decided to use the system exclusively."

Hong Trinh - Head of IT, The Nutro Centre