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Connect ProSKU with Pro Carrier

Integrate ProSKU with Pro Carrier and all your other carriers quickly and easily

Pro Carrier

How to connect ProSKU with Pro Carrier

  • Integrate ProSKU with Pro Carrier
    Simple ProSKU Pro Carrier integration

    Quickly integrate ProSKU with Pro Carrier without the technical headache. One point of integration for all your carrier accounts.

  • Print Pro Carrier labels from ProSKU
    Quickly print Pro Carrier labels

    Bulk-print Pro Carrier labels - use intelligent routing rules to automatically select the correct Pro Carrier service for all your ProSKU orders.

  • Track Pro Carrier deliveries - push tracking data back to ProSKU
    Accurately track Pro Carrier deliveries

    Track Pro Carrier deliveries - push Pro Carrier tracking data back to ProSKU to keep your customers of delivery progress.

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Zebra printer
Print sample parcel labels

ProSKU multi-carrier shipping

Ideal fulfilment solution for ProSKU!
Quick and easy fulfilment - right inside ProSKU...
  • Print parcel labels from all your carriers inside ProSKU
  • Sync tracking data & keep customers informed
  • Configure parcels & packaging
  • FREE branded tracking platform
Pro Carrier ProSKU

ProSKU carrier integration - Integrate Pro Carrier and other carriers with ProSKU

UK & Ireland parcel labels for ProSKU Bulk-print parcel labels with our ProSKU - Pro Carrier integration

Maximize efficiency and streamline your ProSKU shipping process with Shipmate Carrier Integration Software. Our cutting-edge solution is designed to optimise your workflow - with seamless integration into ProSKU, you can effortlessly import order details and generate Pro Carrier shipping labels in just a few clicks - no more copying and pasting or potential for human error!

By leveraging our intuitive click-and-print technology, you can expedite Pro Carrier label creation and batch printing, significantly reducing manual effort. Enjoy real-time visibility into your shipments with unified tracking information, empowering you to monitor deliveries and minimise support queries.

With Shipmate, there's no need for costly integrations or complex setups. Easily print Pro Carrier shipping labels directly from your ProSKU dashboard, ensuring accurate labeling for every parcel. Streamline your shipping operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost productivity with Shipmate's comprehensive ProSKU and Pro Carrier integration.

Connect ProSKU with Pro Carrier
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  • Peatys
  • Charbonnel Et Walker
  • Wowcher
  • Ohh Dear
  • XL Displays
  • Max Benjamin
  • Ollie and Mac
  • Dropit
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Connect with multiple couriers & carriers

Ship from a single platform with our multi-carrier, multi-channel platform. Integrate and all your sales channels with multiple carriers.

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Connect ProSKU with Pro Carrier
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  • Royal Mail
  • DPD
  • DHL
  • APC
  • Amazon Shipping
  • DX
  • Evri
  • FedEx
  • Parcelforce
  • XDP
  • UPS
  • AnPost
  • Whistl
  • Palletways

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Selling from multiple channels? Struggling with multi-carrier fulfilment? Receiving too many customer queries? STOP
The Old Way

Is inefficient fulfilment costing you too much time & money?

  • Spending hours a day fulfilling orders?
  • Managing multiple carrier portals?
  • Tired of copying & pasting order info?
  • Prone to data entry errors?
  • Dealing with too many customer queries?
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The new way to ship

Shipmate can save you a huge amount of time, reduce human error and manual mistakes - all whilst facilitating business growth.

Parcel Management Software for busy eCommerce Sellers Multi Carrier Shipping Platfrom for eCommerce
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Print sample parcel labels
Save time, reduce shipping errors, reduce complaints and grow your business with Shipmate Advanced Parcel Management Solution

Seamless, straightforward, speedy

No more manual data entry to different carrier portals, no more human error - with workflow that suits any business.

Process Shipments
Connect your sales channels like magic - seamlessly ship your orders in just a few clicks for efficient processing.
Automated Shipping Rules
Take advantage of intelligent shipping and routing rules to automatically select the best carrier and delivery service for each order or make adjustments as required.
Print and Track
Batch-print shipping labels from all your carriers, including commercial invoices, customs and carrier documentation at the click of a button - our unified tracking system keeps you and your customers informed.
Multi Carrier Tracking Portal

Your Tracking Portal, just the way you like it

Image of the Tracking Process

FREE* - Seamless, branded, multi-carrier tracking portal for your customers. Reduce enquiries, save time.

Find out more about our Multi-Carrier Tracking Portal


Integrate ProSKU with all your carriers quickly and easily...

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