Packaging 'Preset' Options now in Shipmate

9th June 2018

We’ve made some functional improvements to Shipmate - you asked and we delivered!

Shipmate now comes with 'Packaging Options' which allows you set up preset parcel sizes and weights for quick and easy selection at the point of shipping label request. For example; 'small', 'medium' and 'large' parcels can be predefined for quick manual or automatic delivery service allocation.

Packaging 'Preset' Options now in Shipmate

Shipmate allows you to set a ‘default’ packaging option which is selected automatically when generating labels. Should a parcel not fall within the default dimensions and weight an alternative can be automatically chosen.

In efficiency tests this has increased parcel data entry and label generation speeds by up to 200% - and we all know that time is money!

Packaging weight can either be added to, or removed from the Net Weight during calculation and an optional override on packaging dimensions can be activated or deactivated giving you complete control over staff activity at the label printing station.

Speed up your fulfilment processes with Shipmate the Multi-Carrier Shipping API and Carrier Integration Software - now with Packaging Options Presets!

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