DHL Carrier Integration Software

Print DHL Parcel Labels

Generate DHL labels quickly and easily.

DHL Parcel Tracking

Keep track of all your DHL deliveries and other carriers in one place.

DHL Carrier Integration

Integrate DHL quickly with our UK Shipping API.

Print and Track DHL Parcel Labels

Print DHL Shipping Labels and Track DHL Deliveries
Carrier Integration Software for your eCommerce store...

Shipmate is a multi-carrier shipping platform that allows you to generate parcel labels from multiple carriers, including DHL, all from one place. No more manual parcel data entry using multiple systems. Enter your DHL account details and start generating DHL labels quickly and easily.

Track your DHL deliveries using Shipmate’s unified Tracking Portal - keep you and your customers informed of transit progress, including delayed or failed deliveries.

Track your DHL Deliveries

Carrier Integration Software for your eCommerce store...

Shipmate is integrated with DHL and many other carriers giving you one point of integration, removing the need for a lengthy time investment and the technical headache. If you are looking to integrate with multiple carriers including DHL then Shipmate is the obvious solution.

Shipmate plugs into many online sales platforms, pulls through order information, generates appropriate parcel labels automatically and pushes tracking information back to your eCommerce or order management systems.

Print DHL Shipping Labels

Print DHL Shipping Labels

Shipmate removes the technical overhead of linking your eCommerce platform with multiple carriers while providing a range of useful functionality to help provide speedy delivery and improve customer satisfaction.

Our DHL integration means that Shipmate can remove the need for intrusive and costly development of your online sales platform, whilst giving you and your customers the most cost effective and appropriate delivery service for every parcel, every time.

Print all your shipping labels using just one kind of printer. Consolidate label generation and tracking information into one easy-to-use system - Shipmate is your smart delivery companion.

Route your Parcels to DHL

Route your Parcels to DHL Intelligently

Only use DHL for some of your parcels? You can configure Shipmate to automatically select the appropriate carrier and delivery service for each parcel against a set of predetermined criteria.

Choose from standard criteria such as weight and dimensions, or add your own such as department, product category or product code. Whenever you book a delivery, Shipmate will check each attribute of your parcel and select the most suitable service automatically and output your label.

Track your DHL Deliveries

Track your DHL Deliveries

With Shipmate, delivery tracking starts working for you to help provide a better customer service. We believe that the best customer service is proactive and Shipmate helps you provide a better service by bringing your attention to potentially troublesome deliveries automatically.

If a DHL delivery is taking longer than expected, or a delivery has failed, you will know about it as soon as possible in our Delivery Warnings Centre. Easily click through to view customer details to let them know what is happening with their delivery and to expect a delay.

We interrogate DHL tracking events to monitor carrier performance against your agreed Service Level Agreements, so you are always informed as to the true performance of the carriers and services you use.

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