Quickly integrate with multiple carriers

Delivery Management Software

  • Manage Parcel Delivery
  • Multiple Carriers
  • Easily track parcels
  • Quick integration

The quickest way to integrate with multiple carriers, print parcel labels and track deliveries - millions of parcels sent and tracked!

Are you looking for Delivery Management Software?

Shipmate is used by all sizes of online retailers for managing parcel delivery using one or multiple carriers.

With minimal implementation you could remove the requirement for manual parcel data entry, freeing up staff time to focus on higher value tasks, allowing you to save on delivery costs, grow your business and increase customer satisfaction.

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Delivery Management Software

Manage Parcel Deliveries!

Delivery Management Software for your...

Shipmate is a multi-carrier, Delivery Management shipping solution that integrates with eCommerce and Warehouse Management Systems, allowing parcel labels to be printed through the most cost-effective carriers and delivery services.

Selecting the best parcel label for each order can be time-consuming and integrating with each carrier’s own software can be costly. Shipmate integrates with many major carriers, which means you don’t have to.

Shipmate’s intelligent delivery management software means that the most appropriate delivery service is selected for orders, saving you time and money whilst eliminating human error and reducing inefficiencies.

Sending 50, 500 or even 5000 parcels a day?

Shipmate can help you...
  • Save time & money
  • Eliminate human error
  • Reduce inefficiencies
  • Improve staff morale

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You're in good company

"Shipmate has saved us huge amounts of time, reduced human error and manual mistakes. Quick parcel label generation and printing has freed up staff time, improved morale and allowed my team to focus on higher value tasks. Improved parcel tracking and notifications has led to a much better customer experience."

Michael Broom - Operations Manager, Roseland Furniture

"Before Shipmate, we had never experienced such a fast and successful IT installation - printing delivery labels is faster and easier than before and if we have any problems, Shipmate's technical support team are quick to resolve them."

David Horslen - Head of IT, Discount Supplements Ltd

"Having used Shipmate for the past two years, the flexibility and great support has been pinnacle to help us define our multi-channel offering to our customers so we have now decided to use the system exclusively."

Hong Trinh - Head of IT, The Nutro Centre

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A delivery management API for Developers

Integrate with multiple carriers quickly and easily with our super-simple delivery management API.

Shipmate Dashboard

The Shipmate API makes it easy to manage deliveries from your eCommerce platform or Order Management System. We’ve integrated with many UK carriers, so you don’t have to.