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Customer Story

Loft25 - delivering elegant furnishings to your home…

Loft 25 was founded in 2008 and has become one of the UK's leading manufacturers in soft furnishings.

Spanning multiple brands and channels including Game Over, Gardenista and Zonky, Loft 25 produces, sells and distributes a range of quality furniture for the home retail market.

Utilising a multichannel sales approach, Loft 25 have achieved significant growth, not only in terms of product manufacturing capabilities and online sales, but also distribution and order fulfilfent.

Loft25 Group


eCommerce & Distribution

Business Size

25+ UK workforce

Annual Parcel Volume



Tuffnells, Palletways

Favourite Features

  • Quick Integration with Carriers
  • ,
  • Public-facing Tracking Portal
  • ,
  • Multi-Carrier Parcel Tracking

The Challenge

Utilising a multichannel sales approach required Loft 25 to adopt the use of an Order Management System, and increased demand from a successful expansion into Amazon Marketplace resulted in exponential growth.

Due to the nature of the product range, Loft 25 utilise the services of multiple carriers, and the with significant increased volume, manual order data entry into carrier portals was no longer an option. Variable weights and dimensions of the product range meant that customer orders were often delayed during fulfilment due to human error, and fulfilment costs were spiralling due to incorrect carrier and service selection. Accurate tracking in a multi-carrier ecosphere was also troublesome and time consuming.

The Solution

Shipmate worked with Loft 25 to quickly connect all their carriers and services to one point of integration with the Order Management System. Automated shipping and flexible packing rules combined with multi-user label printing allowed Loft 25 to scale their despatch operations, to easily service the increased demand, reduce fulfilment costs and accurately select the correct carrier service for each parcel.

Loft 25 took advantage of the free, branded tracking portal available with every Shipmate account and provided a seamless, multi-carrier parcel tracking experience for their customers, increasing consumer confidence and hugely reducing customer support overheads.

"Shipmate have made the sales and onboarding process very smooth and efficient. We have massively reduced the time it takes to print our shipping labels, reducing errors, and our Customer Experience team can now provide reliable tracking links to our customers. It's been an absolute pleasure having Shipmate as a service partner. Their support team have been very responsive and helpful when we've had any carrier issues."

Zak Diler

Managing Director, Loft 25 Group

The Result

Shipmate has been a huge facilitator for Loft 25, allowing them to overcome their fulfilment issues due to significant growth. Operational headroom has been created to facilitate further expansion into new sales channels and Loft 25 are now confident that they can continue scaling upward with Shipmate.

Average order fulfilment time has been reduced by a significant percentage, and fulfilment staff are now able to focus on service rather than support. Shipping has been automated and customer support enquiries have all but been eliminated with our unified tracking portal.

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