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Delivery Management Software
for 3PL Aggregators

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Your Turnkey Solution
Your Turnkey Solution

Everything you need to run your delivery aggregation service

Granular Account Access
Granular Account Access

Divide your carrier accounts out to each of your customers

Full Control
Full Control

Select delivery services and set pricing for each of your customers

Delivery Management Software for 3PL Aggregators

Do you offer a regional or national parcel collection service?

Shipmate is a 'Business in a Box' for 3PL service providers. Shipmate provides better delivery and courier management for both parcel aggregators and delivery resellers, and is adaptive to most business case scenarios. Shipmate is the perfect Parcel Delivery Management Solution for 3rd Party Logistics companies.

Fed up of asking your carrier account managers to set up more user accounts and having to log into multiple systems to monitor delivery traffic? Shipmate takes away all this hassle and puts you firmly back in control. Give each of your customers their own private accounts and configure carrier and delivery service availability and pricing on a per-customer basis.

Aggregation Service Benefits
Run your aggregation service more smoothly

We understand that managing multiple customers, carriers and parcels can be a real headache.

Lost parcels, returns, missed deliveries and customer enquiries can all add to an already-complex business operation. Shipmate helps you manage all of these and more, with helpful notifications, tracking, alerts and reporting.

You have full control of delivery services and carriers that you make available to your customers. Set pricing, routing rules and services independently for each customer, view customer stats and receive notifications should delivery personnel experience collection or fulfilment issues.

Individual Customer Accounts
Individual Customer Accounts

Shipmate Parcel Delivery Management Software gives your customers direct access to select approved services and print parcel labels quickly and easily. With Shipmate you no longer have to give out shared passwords or ask the carriers to provide multiple sub-accounts - each customer has their own private account. Parcels are manifested directly with you and your approved carriers for easy collection and fulfilment.

Shipmate's intelligent unified parcel-tracking feature can be integrated into your public-facing website to reduce direct customer enquiries, saving you time and resource overheads.

Broad Printer Compatibility
Broad Software and Printer Compatibility

Shipmate has been designed to work with as many eCommerce and Warehouse Management Systems as possible, while also working with almost any printer allowing your customers to leverage existing technology investments.

Being cloud-based, Shipmate can work with many eCommerce applications easily using plugins for the most popular platforms or by importing order data in a wide variety of file formats including CSV. The Shipmate Windows App works alongside many existing desktop-based applications such as Linnworks. Using our API, software developers can integrate label generation and tracking reconciliation into other software applications easily.

Shipping labels can be downloaded in PDF format and printed on almost any printer, or you can use our Shipmate Windows App and print directly to ZPL-II compatible printers such as the Zebra GK420d as well. Use integrated label stationery? Not a problem - we can configure your account to output labels in a variety of paper sizes and layouts.

Keep on track of tracking
Keep on track of tracking

With Shipmate, delivery tracking starts working for you to help you and your customers provide a better customer service. We believe that the best customer service is proactive and Shipmate helps you provide a proactive service by bringing your attention to potentially troublesome deliveries automatically. If a delivery is taking longer than expected, or a delivery has failed, you will know about it as soon as possible in our Delivery Warnings Centre. Easily click through to view customer details to let them know what is happening with their delivery and to expect a delay.

We interrogate tracking events to monitor carrier performance against your agreed Service Level Agreements, so you are always informed as to the true performance of the carriers and services you use.

Ready to join aboard?

If you would like to speak to one of our friendly delivery integration specialists about your specific needs, complete our online enquiry form or call 0800 133 7471.