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Roseland Furniture

How a successful furniture company, with thousands of online orders a month, uses Shipmate to speed up fulfilment with multiple carriers and provide a unified tracking experience...

"Shipmate has saved us huge amounts of time, reduced human error and manual mistakes..."

Furniture designed to inspire, from deepest Cornwall

Tell us about Roseland Furniture

"Established in 2010, Roseland Furniture is a family run business that sells a wide range of quality, solid wood furniture and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and speedy processing of orders, nationwide deliveries and returns.

"We have our own UK warehouse which needs to operate smoothly at all times to manage the high volume of orders generated from our website. We offer free delivery on all orders and we understand how quick and efficient delivery of our products is important. The expectation of customers has only grown over the last few years and we recognise the important role delivery plays in customer satisfaction."

What shipping challenges did you face?

"We sell all kinds of furniture from benches to beds and beyond - the items we provide are of a variety of sizes, shapes and weights. We use a range of carriers, and send items using the most appropriate service for each piece of furniture.

"Using just one carrier doesn’t make sense for us or our customers, but this resulted in a parcel management nightmare; manual selection of the most appropriate carrier and service and adding order information into multiple carrier portals led to mistakes being made and a huge drain on staff time."

How did Shipmate help?

"Shipmate provides us with one point of integration for all our carriers and removes the need for manual import of order information. This has saved us huge amounts of time, reduced human error and manual mistakes when printing shipping labels.

"One unexpected benefit has been the increase in staff morale. We have saved hundreds of man-hours every month using Shipmate and this allows our staff to focus on higher value tasks, like keeping our customers happy.

"The seamless, branded customer Tracking Portal provided by Shipmate has been a magnificent help in allowing our customers to self-serve, again freeing up staff time and resources."

"Shipmate has saved us huge amounts of time, reduced human error and manual mistakes.

"Quick parcel label generation and printing has freed up staff time, improved morale and allowed my team to focus on higher value tasks.

"Improved parcel tracking and notifications has led to a much better customer experience."

How we helped...

  • Quick integration to multiple carriers
  • Branded, unified parcel tracking
  • Reduced human error
  • Improved staff morale

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