We've updated our Linnworks Integration

31st July 2019

Shipmate is now integrated with the latest version of Linnworks Net, the new cloud-based version of the popular Order Management System.

Linnworks connects and automates all the different parts of your eCommerce operations, which means you can spend less time processing orders. Linnworks has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new, modern user interface for a streamlined experience.

As Shipmate is cloud-based, our integration works hand-in-hand with Linnworks Net to provide superb shipping functionality, improving customer satisfaction along with speeding up your fulfilment processes saving you time and money.

Shipmate adds a comprehensive range of carriers and delivery services to Linnworks allowing you to print shipping labels and fulfil orders from Linnworks quickly and easily. Unified tracking notifications are sent back to Linnworks allowing you to keep on top of delayed deliveries using just one system.

Intelligent routing rules and custom parcel attributes can be set up to make sure the correct label is generated for each order. Batch print your shipping labels with multiple carriers - no more logging into individual carrier accounts!

Shipmate also supports the importing of orders using a CSV file and parcel labels can also be generated individually if required.

Speed up your fulfilment processes in Linnworks with Shipmate the Multi-Carrier Shipping API and Carrier Integration Software.

Want to print shipping labels from multiple carriers, send more parcels and track deliveries? Call us today on 01332 460 888 or book a demo.

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