10 Reasons to use Shipmate

22nd January 2018

End the parcel chaos! Use Shipmate to get your Parcel Management into shape. Automatically select the correct delivery service, print shipping labels from multiple carriers, track parcels and much more...

We know how time consuming it can be to select the right delivery service for each order and integrating directly with carriers can be a costly overhead, not to mention a technical headache.

Shipmate is a multi-carrier shipping API and web-based platform that’s integrated with some of the UK’s leading delivery service providers and intelligently selects the best carrier and service for each online order you receive.

10 Reasons to use Shipmate...

1. Simple Carrier Integration

The most efficient way to get parcel labels from a carrier is with a direct integration into your Order Management System. This might take even the best developers weeks to complete. Shipmate is already integrated with a comprehensive list of carriers and provides an easy end-point of integration. Be up-and-running with multiple carriers in days, not weeks or months.

2. Intelligent Routing Rules

Routing Rules are designed to help automate your parcel labeling. Let Shipmate choose the most appropriate courier and delivery service based on your chosen set of rules such as parcel dimensions, weight and other metrics.

3. Quickly Print Shipping Labels

Print individual shipping labels or batches directly from Shipmate, your order management system or online store’s admin area with the click of a button using Shipmate’s WebPrint Technology. No print menus, no saving files first - just your parcel label sent straight to the printer of your choice.

4. Unified Tracking

Shipmate regularly polls the carriers integrated with your account for the tracking information of your current parcels. The orders will automatically update their status so you can easily keep track of your parcels as they make their way to the customer.

5. Proactive Delivery Warnings

Shipmate can alert you when there are issues with your deliveries in transit, such as delays or failed deliveries. This helps you provide a more proactive customer service by bringing the troublesome deliveries to your attention, rather than you having to find them or wait for your customer to complain.

6. Carrier Reporting

See which carriers are living up to their promises! View how each carrier’s performance against the current SLA they have with you, how many days the SLA has been met and the overall performance. Handy when it comes to renegotiating delivery rates!

7. Developer Friendly

We’re developers too! We are a team of developers and entrepreneurs who have dealt with eCommerce fulfilment issues and we’ve developed a clean and robust Shipping API that lets you focus on what you do best - building great web products. Shipmate is built for developers by developers. View our API Documentation.

8. UK Based

We are a Registered, Limited Company based centrally in the UK, close to many carrier’s central hubs of operation. Our dedicated development & support staff are based in the UK and are on hand during UK business hours to help, should you face any fulfilment issues.

9. Built in The Cloud

Shipmate is a cloud-hosted, deploy-anywhere application which means no expensive server costs to you! Our highly secure infrastructure is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

10. Cost Effective

Shipmate is a pay-as-you-go service available monthly or annually. You only ever pay for the labels you generate and our cost-per-label is one of the lowest in the industry. Any overage is charged at a set cost and you can always upgrade to get a better rate! Automatically upgrade if your label generation volume goes past a certain threshold.

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