Shipmate - The Developer-Friendly Shipping API

27th February 2018

Developers! We speak your language!

Shipmate is a Multi-Carrier Shipping API made for developers just like you. Don’t spend months integrating with different carriers - we’ve done the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

The RESTful JSON Shipmate Shipping API provides you with all the functionality needed to create consignments, retrieve tracking events and print shipping labels using industry standard HTTP codes to communicate responses.

See our full list of carrier and ecommerce integrations. Simply integrate your order processing environment with one of our interfaces and have access to all the carriers and delivery services we provide.

We are a team of developers and entrepreneurs who have dealt with eCommerce fulfilment issues and we’ve developed a clean and robust Shipping API that lets you focus on what you do best - building great web products.

We’ve got all the API documentation you need! Any questions? Give us a call or email We’re developers too.

Want to print shipping labels from multiple carriers, send more parcels and track deliveries? Call us today on 01332 460 888 or book a demo.

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  • Drastically speed up your fulfilment
  • Reduce human error & improve staff morale
  • Save you time & money
  • Help you to focus on growing your business
Martin Head of Customer Success

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