Shipmate heads to Web Summit, Portugal!

22nd October 2017

Shipmate has been invited to exhibit at the world’s largest web-technology conference ‘Web Summit’, this year held in Lisbon, Portugal.

This year’s Web Summit is the 8th annual event since it started in 2009 in Dublin. Last year, it boasted of over 52,000 attendees, a far cry from the 400 participants it had when it began less than 10 years ago.

Web Summit aims to attract over 60,000 visitors this year to listen to some of the biggest names in tech from around the world. Notable names this year include: Al Gore - Chairman of Generation Investment Management, Steve Huffman - CEO of Reddit, Stewart Butterfield - Co-Founder & CEO Slack and Mark Hurd - CEO of Oracle, amongst many others.

If you are attending, please come and say ‘Ahoy!’ at stand A227 in the eCommerce Exhibition Area on Tuesday 7th November for a chat about our ‘developer-friendly’, Multi-Carrier Shipping API and Platform.

We’re Web Developers at heart and...well, it doesn’t get much bigger, webbier or geekier than Web Summit!

It’s a great honour to be invited to stand side-by-side with some of the world’s most exciting and innovative technology developers and we’re looking forward to meeting some fellow web-geeks!

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