New Shopify plugin for Parcel Labelling

28th May 2021

Shipmate offers a powerful and seamless integration with Shopify that takes your order fulfilment to a new level of efficiency and simplicity. Watch our short video to see all the useful, time-saving features Shipmate offers when despatching your Shopify orders.

Our new plugin for Online Retailers, allows you to quickly print shipping labels from Shopify, speeding up the order despatch process, saving you time and money.

Shipmate fits directly into your Shopify workflow, allowing you to despatch your orders individually or in batches, according to your needs, making it the ideal fulfilment companion for Shopify sellers. If you’re currently overwhelmed with parcel delivery fulfillment, the Shipmate plugin for Shopify can help you save time and money at point of dispatch and improve customer satisfaction, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Shipmate offers quick and easy parcel labeling with your existing accounts from the many carrier integrations we support, booking deliveries, printing labels and storing tracking details in just a few clicks.

Shipmate is a multi-carrier shipping api and web platform that allows you to quickly print shipping labels from multiple carriers, track parcels and view reports on carrier performance.

  • Simple Carrier Integration
  • Easy Shipping Label Printing
  • Accurate Manifest Data
  • Unified Delivery Tracking

Integrate your Shopify store with Shipmate to print parcel labels from your various carrier accounts, without the technical headache.

The new Shopify plugin from Shipmate is seamless, straightforward and speedy. Contact us today to arrange a demo.

Want to print shipping labels from multiple carriers, send more parcels and track deliveries? Call us today on 01332 460 888 or book a demo.

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