Looking for an alternative to Metapack?

24th August 2018

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Metapack?

Shipmate is a multi-carrier shipping api and web platform that allows you to quickly print shipping labels from multiple carriers, track parcels and view reports on carrier performance.

  • Simple Carrier Integration
  • Easy Shipping Label Printing
  • Unified Delivery Tracking
  • Effective Carrier Reporting

Recently bought by Stamps.com for £175m, Metapack has grown internationally, catering for enterprise retailers and global brands, employing over 400 people in six locations.

Metapack Alternative

Once the 'go to' solution for carrier management, in many people’s eyes, Metapack has become a victim of its own success, leaving it’s core customer base (SME online retailers) behind, instead catering to the intense requirements of the large high street chains and online retail giants.

It’s understandable for Metapack to have pursued these larger contracts, but what has that meant for the smaller, yet ambitious online retailers? Many are now seeking an alternative to Metapack for their parcel management and carrier integration software.

Whether you send 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of parcels every day, Shipmate can help you speed up your fulfilment processes. Our efficient and robust shipping API and web platform means you can integrate your online sales channel with multiple carriers quickly and easily. Parcel label generation and printing is a breeze with our intelligent routing rules and custom parcel settings.

Our helpful and proactive support team has the technical expertise to get you up and running in no time and we have one of the cheapest per-label fees in the market. We can even help you source labels and printers!

If you’re looking for an alternative to Metapack, contact us today for a chat to discuss your requirements and get a no obligation quote - we’ll certainly appreciate your call.

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