Multi-Carrier Shipping Software for Warehouse Management Systems

Key Features

Multi-Channel Scale

Generate delivery labels across multiple brands and fulfilment sites.

Intelligent Routing

The right delivery service for each parcel, every time

Dedicated Specialist

We help you through your implementation, step-by-step

Do you send thousands of parcels each day from one or more fulfilment centres?

Do you send thousands of parcels each day from one or more fulfilment centres?

Shipmate has successfully and securely processed millions of label requests since launch. When it comes to large-volume Parcel Delivery Management, Shipmate is powerful, reliable and fast. We offer an on-site integration set up service for enterprise level operations along with customisation and training.

Designed for flexibility in large-scale, multi-channel deployments, Shipmate can work in single and multiple fulfilment centre scenarios. And whether you print labels on-demand across multiple despatch stations or in high volume batch, Shipmate has the power to keep up with your workflow.

Generate parcel delivery labels at scale

Generate parcel delivery labels at scale

We understand that complex warehouse operations come with their own set of challenges and resource issues. Any down-time in a busy fulfilment centre can cost a fortune in lost revenue, increased customer complaints and interfere with carrier scheduling.

Shipmate has been developed to integrate quickly with Warehouse and Order Management Software, and along with our intelligent desktop printing application, operation is foolproof and requires little training to get staff up to speed.

Multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-site

Multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-site

Shipmate is enterprise-level software and as such you will get access to a dedicated Integration Specialist who can work directly with you, your IT department or Systems Integrator to get you up and running.

Shipmate has been developed to process tens of thousands of parcel labels per day. Our integrated desktop application allows for picker/packers to print labels based on parcel specifications with minimal training and supervision.

Shipmate's intelligent routing rules will select the most appropriate deliver service based on customer requirements, order types and parcel specifications, making sure that there are no delays or parcel buildups in a busy warehouse environment. Custom functionality based on high-volume requirements can be developed, all backed up with our solid and knowledgeable tech support team.

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